Warheads Extreme Sours - 5lb

Warheads Extreme Sours - 5lb
  • $107.99

Kids will burst with excitement when they try these super tart Warheads Extreme Sours candies! These deliciously sour treats come in a variety of popular fruity flavors including Black Cherry, Lemon, Apple, and Blue Raspberry so kids will enjoy trying all of the different flavors and finding their favorite.A great item to offer at your child's next birthday party or another fun-filled event such as a candy buffet, these Warheads Extreme Sours come individually wrapped in colorful packaging so they will look great placed at a dessert table in a large bowl alongside other candy treats. You can create a candy buffet and offer decorative bags for your guests to stroll down the line and help themselves to all the candy they want, or you can pre-fill favor bags or boxes with these Warheads Extreme Sours and place a favor at each guest's table setting for them to munch on immediately or save for later.

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