Wax Lips - 24ct Display Box

Wax Lips - 24ct Display Box
  • $52.99

You are sure to feel like a kid again with these Wax Lips. Bring out this 24-count display box when you have guests over, and everyone will be sharing laughs. Make sure you have a camera handy, because there will be photo opportunities you don't want to miss.This also means these oversized bright Red Lips are perfect for a kids' party. This is the one time it will be okay for them to play with their food. These candy Wax Lips have a bite plate in the back, so it's easy to hold them in place. The only problem is the longer these candies are on your lips the harder it gets to not devour them.Yes, you read that right. These lips may look like a Halloween prop, but they are candy, so they are totally safe to eat. American Candy Company invented these Wax Lips in the early 20th century. Concord Confections obtained the patent in 2002, a company Tootsie Roll Industries acquired in 2004, so you can feel good knowing these candies are made by one of the world's leading candy manufacturers. Today, they are only made in limited quantities, but we have some here at CandyDirect.com.

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