Rainbow Whirly Pops - 3oz 48ct

Rainbow Whirly Pops - 3oz 48ct
  • $185.99

Clown cars. Giant elephants and tigers. Hot dog stands and balloons. These Rainbow Whirly Pops will take you back to an afternoon or night at the circus as soon as you take one look and lick! Their bright rainbow swirls of amazing fruity flavor will instantly put a smile on the faces of every snacker and make their mouths water for more.With 48 Whirly Pops in every order, you'll have enough treats to satisfy an array of events. Throw a carnival inspired birthday party for a little one and add some of these for a special treat, use a few of the lollipops in a gift basket for a pop of color and cheer, or even stock up on a bag of these to give away as gifts to your friends and family. Hear the whoosh of the scrambler, the tinkling of carousel music, and the laughing of kids as the colors melt in your mouth.

SKU: ND-AB70015

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