Purple & White Whirly Pops - 24ct

Purple & White Whirly Pops - 24ct
  • $94.99

Purple and white Whirly Pops are the tasty treat with a fun look! Classic spirals and swirls are often associated with the old candy stores kids used to flock to. Now you can enjoy that same look in a delicious confection!Our large lollipop includes a long piece of tube shaped hard candy that's carefully curled to form a tight disc. The entire length is wrapped in purple and white stripes, which look amazing when seen as one giant lollipop! Our purple and white Whirly Pops are a great choice for events and more!Order for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and other special occasions. Bulk lollipops are a great way to save money and get large quantities for a big crowd. You can give them as is or tie ribbons, tags and more onto the stick to make the party favor more personal. Try our delicious purple and white Whirly Pops at your next celebration!

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