Red & White Whirly Pops - 24ct

Red & White Whirly Pops - 24ct
  • $94.99

Bold, beautiful and big on taste, our red and white Whirly Pops will be a big hit at any event. Forget about small little candies on sticks, this is the real deal!Each pop is made using a length of delicious hard candy that's coiled to form a disc then gently flattened. Red and white stripes twist up the entire length, creating a classic spiral pattern that harkens back to childhood memories of visiting the candy shop!Whirly Pops are the ideal lollipop for birthday parties, holidays and more! Our bulk lollipop pack gives you a larger quantity so you have enough to go around whether you're serving a few or many. They also make charming wedding and shower favor filler.Place them in a glass vase or jar and display on tables so guests can help themselves! Complement a red color scheme or combine with our other Whirly Pop flavors to match your party theme.

SKU: ND-26185

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