Chocolate Gems White - 15lb

Chocolate Gems White - 15lb
  • $137.99

These tasty little White Chocolate Gems pack a whole lot of flavor in every savory bite, and their bright white candy coating makes them look like stunning little pearls on a plate. Fill a pretty bowl with these lovely candies for your next dinner party or formal occasion and treat your guests to an exceptional chocolate candy.The little chocolate balls have a frosty white candy coating that really shines and they'll add a charming touch to your room decor. Perfect for a wedding or shower favor, these white chocolate gems can be bundled in a pretty sheer bag with a sparkling ribbon or bow to create an elegant take-home gift. These chocolate candies also make a cheerful centerpiece when placed in a fancy bowl on your guest tables, so people can spend their time happily nibbling on them while waiting for the festivities to begin.

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