Whoppers Malt Balls - 1.75oz Bags 24ct

Whoppers Malt Balls - 1.75oz Bags 24ct
  • $49.99

Whoppers are the original malted ball candy! This classic treat offers big taste with an even bigger crunch. Each includes an orb of crunchy goodness that features cocoa, malted milk, sugar and much more.The outside is smothered in a smooth chocolaty coating that adds even more flavor to the mix. Our bulk Whoppers pack includes individual bags that are convenient for sharing. Our bulk malt balls are wonderful for parties and events.Use them to fill treat bags at birthday parties or use them as stocking stuffers and Easter basket candy. You get many individual bags so there's plenty to go around no matter how big your circle of friends and family may be. Malt balls are also a handy snack to enjoy at home. Just grab a bag before you head to work or keep them in your desk drawer, pantry or anywhere you might experience a snack attack!


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