Yellow Candy Sticklettes Mini - 250ct

  • $25.99

Perfect for spring or summer festivities like holiday events, birthday parties, picnics, or weddings, these Mini Yellow Candy Sticklettes are designed with a charming yellow and white swirl like a candy cane and are wrapped in clear plastic so you can show off their vibrant, colorful appearance.Put a jar of these candy sticks out on your dessert table or add them to a colorful candy centerpiece placed on each dining table to impress your guests. The cheery Yellow Candy Sticklettes will brighten everyone's day and their delicious fruity flavor will have people coming back for seconds. Kids will happily partake in these treats when you offer them at a child's birthday party or school social event. Be sure to include a bunch of the mini candy sticks in a party favor so kids can take them home and enjoy them for days after the event as well.

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