Hershey's Miniatures Candy Bars Mix - 5lb

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Hershey's Miniatures Candy Bars Mix - 5lb
Assorted Hershey's minature chocolate bars
5 pounds

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5 pounds

Mix of miniature Hershey's Dark, Mr. Goodbar, Krackel, and classic milk chocolate Hershey's bars. Chocolate lovers have found a sure way of enjoying chocolate bars with the Hershey's miniature bars.

The chocolatiers at the Hershey Company are known throughout the history to be responsible for making the most delicious and velvety smooth chocolates and confectioners in the whole world. These miniature bars are not different from all the Hershey products in the market.

They come in assorted flavors, from milk to dark chocolate, to variants like chocolate bars with crisped rice. They are individually wrapped and packed in a five pound bag. These are great for filling up birthday bags and for Halloween treats. Children adore these miniatures like they adore their regular size versions.

They are also great everyday treats for children who love to munch a lot. These chocolate candy bars are also great for filling up Christmas stockings that children hang for Santa Claus to fill. No matter how they are given out, they will sure delight those who receive them.


A mini version of a favorite
I packed it up and passed it around to where I go for physical therapy, hair salon, family and friends Plus for me also. It is a reasonable price for the amount. Everyone wondered why no Hershey's with almonds. Quick delivery within a week plus fresh.
Review by Thelma Jones (October 7, 2016)

Great quality, fast service!
I ordered a huge amount of candy on a Tuesday and it was delivered the next week! Great quality and fast delivery! Wish I'd found them sooner!!
Review by Tracy (April 14, 2015)

Great Deal
Hi All: Best way to order candy! First rate quality at a great price. You would be a fool to order any candy any other way.
Review by Jim M (December 14, 2014)

Very fresh and very good Fast delivery
Review by Sandra (September 3, 2014)

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