Almond Joy Bars - 36ct

Almond Joy Bars - 36ct
  • $75.99

If you love coconut, chocolate, and almonds then Almond Joy Bars are probably one of your all-time favorite treats. This is a unique candy bar with a distinct flavor. You can taste one blind-folded and know exactly what you are eating.If you have never eaten Almond Joy Bars prepare your taste buds to be delighted. Fresh almonds are placed on top of a coconut-based center, and the entire thing gets drenched in decadent milk chocolate. Almond Joy Bars were first introduced in 1946, and have been a favorite sweet treat for many ever since.These bars are individually packaged, so they are ideal to grab on the go. If unexpected guests stop by, and you have nothing to serve with coffee, remove the wrapper of a few of these to serve on an elegant dish.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info


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