Andes Mints Cream De Mint - 5lb

Andes Mints Cream De Mint - 5lb
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Move over grilled cheese and club sandwiches! This is one heck of a candy sandwich! That's because these Andes Crème de Mint candies are a packed with tantalizing layers of melty milk chocolate and refreshing green mint! These delectable sandwiches of creamy, chocolatey and minty goodness are a popular after dinner mint that diners have enjoys for years.They also have the ability to make baked goods even more delicious when added to the recipe or as decoration. The next time you have guests over, set some out on your coffee table while you enjoy tea, coffee, and dessert and give everyone something to rave about. You can even make overnight guests feel all the more special by adding a precious mint to their pillow for them to drift off to sleep with. Whatever you do with this amazing candy sandwich, we're sure you'll love eating them.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: ND-500

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