Chocolate Easter Eggs Foil-Wrapped - 5lb

Chocolate Easter Eggs Foil-Wrapped - 5lb
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Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Easter Eggs are a delightful little candy. Dressed up in foil wrappers that are designed to look like decorated Easter eggs and with an egg-shaped milk chocolate candy beneath, they're absolutely yummy and cute.Celebrate Easter even more with some of these Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Easter Eggs. You can stuff them into Easter eggs and hide them for little ones to find around the house and the backyard or you can scatter a handful or two into Easter baskets for lucky ones to munch on. Don't forget to dress up your candy dishes with some Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Easter Eggs too. That way, you and your guests can enjoy a thematic and tasty treat.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping.

Foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs are multi-colors and delicious. Perfect Easter basket candy, and everyone loves the fun of unwrapping the eggs. Colorful foil makes each chocolate egg look like it was decorated by the Easter Bunny himself. Grabn some of these delicious milk chocolate bulk easter eggs for your holiday fun.

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