Chocolate Basketballs - 5lb Bag

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The Chocolate Basketballs are a complete testimony to how great the sport of basketball is. Adoring basketball fans all over the world will love these individually foil-packed chocolate treats.Whoever said that you will never know what you're gonna get out of a box of chocolates haven't tasted these chocolate foil balls yet. The Chocolate Basketballs belong to a family of chocolate foil sport balls that are made from only the best chocolate ingredients. Great as give-aways and tokens to fans watching basketball games, these foil balls will let people know how much you love the sport. This treat is also great for basketball victory celebrations and basketball practices to boost the morale of both players and fans.But basketball fans don't need a reason to chomp on these tasty little treats. These chocolate foil-wrapped basketballs that come in five-pound packs are great for munching at home and everywhere else.

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