Chocolate Footballs - 5lb Bag

Chocolate Footballs - 5lb Bag
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Football fans with an undying love for the game have found the ultimate attestation-the Chocolate Footballs in a five-pound bag.Some say chocolate and football do not go hand in hand but a football fan with a sweet tooth is bound to disagree. These foil-wrapped chocolate footballs packed into five-pound packs are tasty and smooth that chocolate lovers would love them.These are great for sport events and celebrations after a victorious football match. They will best serve as tokens handed out to football fans after a football game. But a football victory is not a requirement for you to indulge in this luscious chocolate.You can have a taste of these chocolate foil balls even when you are at home, at work, in picnics and even in your cars. There is no limit as to where you should enjoy this tasty treat. These are even perfect gifts to friends, neighbors and lovers.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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