Gold Chocolate Foil Coins Assorted Sizes - 10lb

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Don't run away with the idea that Gold Chocolate Foil Coins are just for eating. They are also for playing. Golden foil wrapped milk chocolate coins are used by many for playing candy poker.These novelty chocolates are in different sizes and values which add more fun to it. These beauties that come in a pack of a ten pound bag are from Madelaine Chocolate Novelties. They are great for children's parties and anniversaries.These chocolate candies are best enjoyed by little boys and girls at school parties and plays. Its bright golden foil wrapping gives it a more interesting appeal to kids who love to play. These are also great take-out after parties and social events.There's more to these treats than meets the eye. Apart from being delicious chocolate delicacies, these are also useful in lightening up the moods in a home full of grumpy and inconsolable children.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: ND-22508

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