Gold Chocolate Coins Plain - 1.5-Inch 5lb Bag

  • $74.95

Who would have thought that the Plain Gold Chocolate Coins isn't at all plain in taste? There is nothing plain about these chocolate coin treats besides its wrapping.Wrapped in an elegant Italian golden foil is this lovely milk chocolate that is beyond compare. They come in a five pond bag and each chocolate coin measures 1.5 inch in diameter. These golden chocolate coins are great for playing candy poker.Great treats for kids' parties and even for everyday chocolate cravings. It's a nice thing to have delicious chocolate stored up in your homes to munch every once in a while. Chocolates are known to lighten up the mood even on gloomy days.These tasty golden foil wrapped milk chocolate will do just that. The smooth texture of its milk chocolate will brighten up one's day. Have a bite of these elegantly plain Gold chocolate coins and discover that there is really nothing plain about it.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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