Gold Chocolate Marbles - Foil Wrapped 5lb Bag

  • $173.99

Making Gold Chocolate Marbles the centerpiece of your theme parties is a very good idea. These beautiful round chocolates are the best when it comes to taste.The wrapping is as good as its delicious milk chocolate content. Wrapped in beautiful golden Italian foils is the luscious milk chocolate these marbles are famed for. Great for theme parties and special occasions as well. Weddings and anniversaries are the best chances for these marbles to shine. Bite into these round sensations and feel the lusciousness of the milk chocolate melt in your mouth. You can either serve them up at dinner tables or you can give them away at the end of the party for your guests to take out.Fill up those goody bags and let your guests experience the velvety smoothness of these chocolate marbles. Every kid who loves chocolate will surely love this one you won't even know how to stop them from eating these all up.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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