Chocolate Pansies - Foil Wrapped 5lb Bag

Chocolate Pansies - Foil Wrapped 5lb Bag
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The lovely Colorful Pansies are wafers elevated ten times. These tasty and colorful flowers are made of crisp wafers with milk chocolate filling inside.The pansies are wrapped in elegant Italian foil of assorted colors and flower designs great for Hawaiian-themed parties and gatherings. The chocolate wafers are made into individually wrapped beautiful flower candy discs.Each candy disc measures one inch in diameter and these flower pansies come in a five pound bag. These delectable treats will make each kid's party complete. Best for your little girl's birthday bash for these will surely be loved by all her girlfriends.These beautiful wafers are made by the Madelaine Company, the maker of the most beautiful and famous chocolates and wafers in the world. Serve them up at your little girl's birthday parties. Take out those candy bowls and fill them up with these treats for your kids to enjoy.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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