Chocolate Sneakers - 64ct

Chocolate Sneakers - 64ct
  • $52.99

It is amazing how novelty candies like the Mini Chocolate Sneakers can delight you. They are miniature sneakers covered by a foil wrapping designed so to amaze and intrigue chocolate lovers from around the globe.These sneakers are very colorful and very fun to look at. Kids will surely enjoy eating and playing with them. They are perfect for children's parties and baby showers. Because they are miniatures, they are also bite-size making them perfect for children.They are also a great reward to children for behaving well in school, at home or any place else that their parents take them to. They can also be given out to kids after a sumptuous meal at home.They can even be handed out to birthday parties of adults who love to have fun. No matter what the reason, only one thing is for sure- these miniature sneakers may be small but the fun they bring is incomparable in size.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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