Cinnamon Imperial Hearts - 5lb

Cinnamon Imperial Hearts - 5lb
  • $41.99

Red hot love! These Cinnamon Imperial Hearts will make your heart pitter patter with their spicy flavor and bright red coloring. Bring some home to dazzle your little darlings with a breath freshening treat that will romance your taste buds. Spice up Valentine's Day with your loved ones by giving them personalized baggies of these little hearts.Even bring some to a wedding to spread the love with all of your guests and make the night even more romantic. No matter what you do, adding these Cinnamon Imperial Hearts to your snack time will fill you with love and happiness. With 1,100 hearts per pound in this five pound bulk supply, you will hear a lot of beating in your chest and lip smacking while you and your loved ones snack. Let your mouth and taste buds fall in love with these classic hearts today.

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