Movie Size Goobers - 3.5oz Box 15ct

Movie Size Goobers - 3.5oz Box 15ct
  • $38.99

If you're not from the south, then you might not know that "goobers" is a word for the famous southern-grown crop: peanuts! Now that you're up to speed, discover the amazing chocolate peanut candy Nestle has made famous”Goobers!With a melty milk chocolate exterior and whole peanut center, you'll be able to munch and crunch for hours. And with this movie sized box, you'll be able to snack as big or small as you'd like. Put on a feature film right in your living room and chow down on a box of these with friends and family. They're sure to make every movie watching experience sweeter and more delicious!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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