Black Forest Gummi Bears - 12ct

Black Forest Gummi Bears - 12ct
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When you travel to the mythical Black Forest, you'll find these friendly Black Forest Gummi Bears. These gummies come in adorable bear shapes in a variety of fruity flavors. Eat a bunch at once and it will be like a fruit cocktail in every gummy, chewy bite.The flavor is delicious because these gummies are made with real fruit juice. These bears come in vivid colors to match their mix of flavors, so they have a fun look that will brighten up a party or your everyday life. Your bear friends will make perfect snacks for your family at home or for students at school.They come in a big bag with a resealable zipper, so you can take a handful and seal it back up, ensuring that the rest of the gummies are fresh for next time. Keep these on hand for when you want a treat, share them in favor bags at an event or bring them out of the bag to let them frolic at a party.

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