Gummi Blue Sharks White Belly Large - 6.6lb

  • $42.99

Big white teeth. Scary blue fins. A chomp that can take off a man's leg! Maybe we're exaggerating, because these Large Gummi Blue Sharks White Belly candies may look scary, but with a soft, gummi chew and bright fruity, flavor, we can assure you that they'll only attack your taste buds!Get your chompers ready for a big bite of fruity flavor. Have a little boy or girl who loves everything aquatic? Taking a trip to the aquarium and want to pack a thematic snack for the car? Want to make watching "Shark Week" less scary and more delicious? Have a beach party bash coming up that you want to add an extra element of "yum" to? These big sharks are ready to do all that and more. Have some fun and play with these little sharks as you let them swim into your mouths and into your stomachs.

SKU: ND-45436

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