Haribo Gold Bears Tub - 54ct

Haribo Gold Bears Tub - 54ct
  • $23.99

Bear with us here as we gush about one of our favorite gummis, Haribo Gold Gummi Bears! These amazing little bears are a delicious selection of some of the famous company's most popular flavors and are packed into individual, snack sized packets for you to enjoy.

Because of their perfect snacking size, these packets will make a great selection to keep around the house and tuck into your child's lunchbox to make their day even more special, to use as Halloween candy and make little trick-or-treaters happy, or to stuff into a pinata, give away to friends at a birthday party, or add to a gift basket!

These chewy, fruity forest friends are ready to do it all with 72 packets per tub. Haribo has been making Gummi Bears since 1920 and we're sure hoping they stick around for years and years more so we can enjoy their tasty treats!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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