Milk Chocolate Heavenly Hash - 3lb

Milk Chocolate Heavenly Hash - 3lb
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The word "heavenly" is included in Milk Chocolate Heavenly Hash for a reason! This treat features a soft, fluffy filling of marshmallow with delicious and nutritious nuts on top.These ingredients are topped with a rich coating of velvety milk chocolate. The mixture of these ingredients creates a heavenly combination on your tongue! This is a light treat that satisfies your taste buds and has you floating on air after every bite.When you order a bunch of these heavenly hash treats, you'll find many opportunities to display and share them. Place them on platters for a holiday party, wedding or other special event.Line a few up within a candy box to give away as gifts or party favors. Or just have them on hand for when you need dessert for your family or something special to serve if impromptu guests show up. The fancy look and delectable taste can make a regular day an extraordinary one!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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