Pastel Yellow Jordan Almonds - Candy Coated 5lb

Pastel Yellow Jordan Almonds - Candy Coated 5lb
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Although a classic wedding favorite, these Pastel Yellow Jordan Almonds are certainly not reserved for those getting hitched. The soft color could not possibly be more appropriate for a baby shower, and they are sure to be a hit in candy dishes around Easter.You don't need to be planning a big event to enjoy these though. They are perfect to snack on any time, even if you are curled up reading a book on a rainy day. Candy coated Pastel Yellow Jordan Almonds are made with a premium coating and fresh-roasted almonds.They are low in sodium and cholesterol, and in case you don't know, almonds are a heart healthy food. With every bite, you enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and savory. The heartiness of the almonds manage to tame the sweetness of the candy coating, so you don't need to have an extreme sweet tooth to get hooked on these.

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