Green Jordan Almonds - Milk Chocolate 5lb

Green Jordan Almonds - Milk Chocolate 5lb
  • $44.99

These brilliantly colored Green Jordan Almonds would be the perfect treat for candy dishes at the wedding you're planning. These almonds have long been associated with weddings because when served in odd numbers, they symbolize that the couple will remain undivided by sharing everything.However, these Green Jordan Almonds are not only for weddings. You can almost hear leprechauns singing about drunken sailors and pots of gold. These are perfect for St. Patrick's Day! Planning a baby shower, but don't know if the mom-to-be is having a girl or boy? Green is a great alternative to the traditional yellow often used.As appealing as these Green Jordan Almonds are they taste even better than they look. Each delicious almond is dipped in milk chocolate and given a candy coating for an irresistible treat. A candy dish filled with them will complement any occasion.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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