Lavender Foiled Chocolate Balls - 10lb

Lavender Foiled Chocolate Balls - 10lb
  • $135.99

Lavender foil covered chocolate balls are tasty and beautiful! Each orb features a solid ball of sweet milk chocolate. Every bite is so smooth and delightful that you won't be able to resist grabbing another.The smooth surface of each chocolate ball is protected by a thin layer of metallic foil in light purple. Simply peel away the wrapper and enjoy a simple treat that is perfect for any occasion!Use our lavender chocolate balls alone or combine with any of our other single-color foil covered chocolate balls for a custom look made just for your event!Each includes stunning color with a gorgeous shine that is worthy of serving at major gatherings like weddings and baby showers. Pour them into an elegant glass candy dish for guests or add a few to tulle bags to give as favors. Our bulk chocolate ball pack gives you enough to serve even a large crowd.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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