Lindt Lindor Truffles - Mint Dark Chocolate 120ct

Lindt Lindor Truffles - Mint Dark Chocolate 120ct
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At the top of the world's most delicious truffles list is the Lindt Lindor Mint Dark Chocolate Truffles. It's at the top not only because it's made by the famous Lindt chocolate company.It's at the top because of its distinctive and intriguing combination of mint and dark chocolate flavors. Its irresistible smoothness encased by a luscious chocolate shell makes every bite savory rich. Its elegant and colorful wrapping with Lindt brand name marked on the outside makes the mint dark chocolate truffles more desirable.Made by the company whose meticulous attention to details is commended for, these mint dark chocolate truffles will surely caress all your senses. Truffle lovers from all over the world are enticed by its heavenly taste.These chocolate mint balls are a good treat for everyone who loves their chocolates to be deliciously unique. These are perfect for the Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve parties, Thanksgiving, birthday parties, as well as anniversaries and engagement parties and wedding receptions.

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