London Mints - 4.5lb Tub

  • $72.99

The combination of chocolate and mint is always a winner, and these London Mints are no exception. Individually wrapped and packaged in a tub, they are the perfect after-dinner treat, or they can be enjoyed any time of day. Put a bowl of these mints on your coffee table, and they will disappear quickly, so you will want to have lots of these gourmet candies on hand for family and friends.Because they are individually wrapped, London Mints are perfect lunch box companions that may be enjoyed any time a sweet treat is desired. Stash some in your pocket or purse to enjoy when you're on the go, or keep a handful in your golf or tennis bag for a special treat on the course or court. Offer one to a friend and see the look of delight as they bite into this tasty treat.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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