M&M's Coconut - 1.5oz Bags 24ct

M&M's Coconut - 1.5oz Bags 24ct
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Now you can enjoy your favorite candy with a tropical twist! M&M's coconut candies are a fun take on a timeless classic. Everyone knows and loves the solid milk chocolate of regular M&Ms.The coconut version takes that same delicious taste and adds a touch of paradise with savory coconut flavoring. Take your taste buds on a tasty adventure through paradise with each bite of these amazing M&Ms! Our bulk coconut M&M candy includes multiple 1.5 ounce bags.The individual bags make this treat a convenient choice for parties and events. Give them out as prizes for activities and games or use them to fill Christmas stockings, Easter baskets and more!Kids will love stopping at your house on Halloween when you hand out these coconut candies! You can even order a bulk M&M box to keep at home or the office as a quick snack. Do something different by switching your regular M&Ms for our coconut M&M candies!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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