M&M's Peg Bags - 12ct Milk Chocolate

M&M's Peg Bags - 12ct Milk Chocolate
  • $54.99

M&M's Peg Bags are delicious baggies full of classic M&Ms candies. With their classic brown color and M&Ms characters on the outside, they're as adorable to look at as the pint-sized chocolates they hold.If you love chocolate, these M&M's Peg Bags are a perfect choice. They can be dumped out and placed in goodie bags for friends and family, given out in party favors at little kid birthday celebrations, tucked away into Christmas stockings, or put into lunch boxes for your children when they go to school. These M&M's Peg Bags have just the right amount of melty sweetness that every needs now and again and can be shared and enjoyed in a number of ways!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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