M&M's - Peanut 38oz Bag

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Nothing beats a big bag of decadent Peanut M&Ms. These ˜Melt in Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands favorites live up to their reputation with their colorful candy coating surrounding the milk chocolate peanut center.The Peanut M&Ms come in a rainbow of colors, making them a colorful addition to any party decor. Kids will love popping these snacks at birthday parties or Halloween during a fun night of trick or treat, and the protein-packed peanut center will provide them with a little extra kick of energy that many other sugary candies can't offer. The fun treats also are an ideal candy favor for baby showers, corporate events, or other special occasions. Their addicting nature will have your guests coming back for more again and again, so be sure to stock up the next time you plan to entertain.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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