Milky Way Bars - 36ct

Milky Way Bars - 36ct
  • $71.99

Milky Way candy bars are one of the most popular confections available today. That's because this one candy bar contains many of the world's favorite ingredients.Take a bite and enjoy the flavor of fluffy chocolate malt nougat resting under a generous length of golden caramel. Both layers are covered in a thin blanket of smooth milk chocolate so it's the ultimate sweet experience for your taste buds!Our bulk Milky Way candy bars are a convenient way to get more of the treat you love. Keep them at home so you always have a sweet snack waiting.Full size candy bars are also a big hit with Trick or Treaters, so don't forget to order a box with your Halloween candy this season. From stocking stuffers to Easter basket candy, there's no occasion that Milky Way bars won't make eve better! Our bulk Milky Way box includes full size individually wrapped candy bars.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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