Mounds Bar - Snack-Size 11oz Bag

Mounds Bar - Snack-Size 11oz Bag
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Mounds candy bars are a must-have for anyone who loves chocolate and coconut. This classic candy is now available in snack size bars. Each piece includes the same delicious ingredients as the full size version, but in a conveniently individually packaged mini portion.Hershey's Mounds are similar to the Almond Joy with a dark chocolate coating and soft white coconut center. The only difference is that this version doesn't include the crunchy almonds or milk chocolate of the Almond Joy. Enjoy your Mounds bars any time you have a craving for something sweet and delectable!Our miniature Mounds are a great choice for quick snacking. Store them anywhere you might get hungry, like in your desk at the office, in the pantry at home or in your purse. Our bulk Mounds bars are also a convenient candy for Halloween, Christmas, birthday parties and other special occasions that usually feature sweet treats!

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