Mr. Goodbar - 36ct

  • $75.99

For a chocolate bar to have a prefix, you might expect it to be a little too proper for your liking, but Mr. Goodbar proves that a name is just a name. There is nothing stuffy, strict, or overly proper about this bar.A bunch of peanuts had a party with some chocolate and the bar was born. It is satisfying, fun, and delicious, but we have to admit we are actually quite smitten with the name! You really can't say it without smiling. Go ahead and try. Maybe that is what Hershey had in mind when it named this scrumptious candy bar way back in 1925.Mr. Goodbar candy bars deliver the perfect blend of sweet and creamy chocolate and crunch roasted peanuts in every bite. It is so perfect in fact that the chocolate bar had a novel and movie named after it. This bulk order of Mr. Goodbar chocolate bars will come in handy whether you need to curb a chocolate craving or stuff one in a card for a coworker having a bad day.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info


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