Pay Day Bars - 24ct

Pay Day Bars - 24ct
  • $49.99

The combination of sweet with salty flavors has always been addicting, making PayDay candy bars an exceedingly popular treat since its inception in 1932. Made with sweet chewy caramel and lots of large, salty peanuts, these candy bars are packed with flavor in every bite.These are a great option for schools that want to sell candy for school fundraisers. They are also an ideal candy bar to hand out on Halloween to hungry little trick-or-treaters who will be bursting with excitement when they see these yummy snack bars in their bags. Anyone who loves peanuts will find these irresistible and won't be able to put them down until the last bite is gone. Payday bars are great for many other occasions as well such as birthday parties or holiday celebrations, so the next time you are in the market for a satisfying, delectable candy snack, try these Pay Day candy bars and your taste buds will thank you!

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