Peanut Butter Bars - 5lb

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Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than a big spoonful of peanut butter. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts it probably doesn't last longer than a few seconds.Whether your body is craving protein or you are in the mood for a treat that's not overly sweet, it just makes sense to turn to peanut butter. Thanks to these Peanut Butter Bars, you get to enjoy your favorite treat in a way that lasts much longer than dipping a spoon in a jar.Plus, these treats are a lot more convenient to eat. Throw a few of these in your backpack for when you are hiking and you will have an easy and tasty way to refuel on the trail. These Peanut Butter Bars are bursting with flavor and practical for any occasion.They are all individually wrapped, and since they don't have chocolate and don't easily melt, you can take them camping or keep some in your car to snack on when you get stuck in a traffic jam. These are perfect for a candy dish for any occasion or just to keep handy for when your stomach gets a late afternoon growl.

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