Chick-O-Sticks - Small 24ct

  • $54.99

If your sweet tooth demands something different, take a bite out of a Chick-O-Stick! This savory treat is truly one-of-a-kind with an irresistible blend of flavors that are sure to satisfy.Our Chick-O-Sticks include a tube of crunchy peanut butter candy that's dusted in coconut. This product is completely vegan and so amazingly tasty you won't want to put them down! Each crisp Chick-O-Stick is individually wrapped so they stay fresh.Grab a few to go during a busy work day or give them to the kids as an easy after school snack! Guests will love the crunch when you offer them one of these peanut butter candies! This Chick-O-Sticks box gives you many sticks to share or enjoy at home. Bulk quantities are also convenient for events! Give them out during a community festival, holiday activities or put them in treat bags for kids at a birthday party!

SKU: ND-7529

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