Purple Jordan Almonds - 5lb

Purple Jordan Almonds - 5lb
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Jordan almonds are a traditional confection that is enjoyed all over the world. These unique treats are sometimes referred to as sugared almonds, mlabas, koufeta and confetti.No matter what you call them, they always offer delightful flavor with a touch of crunch. Jordan almonds are popular fare for special occasions, often used to fill wedding favors or candy dishes at receptions. The classic Jordan almond is considered symbolic in some cultures.It combines almonds, which are considered "bitter", with the sweetness of sugar to symbolize life's bitterness and love's sweetness. Some couples hand them out in handfuls of five to represent health, happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity.Even if you aren't celebrating a marriage or other important life milestone, you can still enjoy these one-of-a-kind candies. Our purple Jordan almonds feature brilliant color that looks gorgeous whether you serve them alone or with any of our other single-color Jordan almond bulk packs!

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