Starburst Fruit Chews - Original 50oz Bag

Starburst Fruit Chews - Original 50oz Bag
  • $25.99

Few candies can claim to be as fruity or chewy as famous Starburst fruit chews! These tasty tidbits are packed with juicy flavor and come in neat little squares that are soft and smooth. It's the ultimate combination for fruit candy lovers.Now you can get even more of your favorite assorted Starburst fruit chews with our convenient bulk candy pack! Each bag contains a generous quantity of delicious Starburst candies so you never have to deal with an unhappy sweet tooth.Our Original Starburst bulk bag contains four irresistible flavors. Try sweet strawberry, cherry, orange or lemon. Every piece is individually wrapped in brilliant colors so you know exactly what to expect before you take a bite.There are so many occasions that can be made better when you serve up Starburst! Pour them into candy bowls for guests or use them to fill treat bags at birthday parties. They also make great filler for Christmas stockings and Easter baskets! Anytime is a great time to enjoy the juicy taste of Starburst original candy!

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