White Swizzle Sticks - Unwrapped 72ct

  • $49.99

These candies are a chip off the old ice block. That's because these White Swizzle Sticks rock candies are a brilliant, bright white that sparkle like a thousand tiny ice crystals in the sunlight. They'll melt in your mouth like a refreshing icicle and will leave your taste buds with a light, sweet flavor that you won't be able to stop wanting more of.Because of their lovely ice sculpture look, these Swizzle Stick candies will make a lovely addition to any winter themed party. Add them to the top of a white frosted cake for a glimmering accessory. Even put some on a gingerbread house to look like snow covered trees. Or if you're feeling creative, bring these into the warmed months by treating these candies like sparklers on the Fourth of July! Enjoy these sweet, icy crystals every time you snack and every time you look at their beautiful formations.

SKU: ND-dp3110

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