Sugar Babies - 24ct

Sugar Babies - 24ct
  • $52.99

If you are familiar with Sugar Babies then you will probably agree that they are one of the most addicting treats of all time. If you have never eaten them before, just do what everyone else does and order twice the amount you need.You may be planning to hand them out in gift bags at a party, but once you taste them, you will want at least a full order all to yourself. These sweets will definitely make your taste buds sing. Sugar babies were introduced in 1935 as a spin off from the already popular Sugar Daddy, which was released a decade earlier.These pan-coated milk caramel treats are bite-size and easier to chew than you might expect a caramel to be. Since these are all individually packaged bags, they are perfect for handing out at events, but you can also open all the bags and pour them in a nice dish for a candy buffet.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info


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