Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candy - Light Purple 5lb

  • $42.99

Choose a healthier treat that is still indulgent with this Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candy. Each treat starts with a healthy and delicious sunflower seed, which then gets covered in creamy, rich chocolate.Finally, these candies receive a candy coating that provides an exciting crunch and keeps them from melting and sticking together. The candy shell also gives the opportunity to personalize these candies with a fun color that you can match to a theme or simply use to brighten up any event.This variety comes in a beautiful light purple color that you can match to bridesmaid dresses, a wedding or another event's color scheme, or even to school colors.This shade is also a perfect choice for a Mother's Day brunch, a gardening group who will appreciate the floral hue and the sunflower seed center, or a women's group. This snack gives you and your guests the perfect way to indulge without going too nuts!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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