Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candy - White 5lb

Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candy - White 5lb
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White chocolate sunflower seeds are extremely versatile and very tasty! These irresistible little morsels combine two hugely popular snacks into one mouthwatering treat. Each piece includes a whole, fresh sunflower seed that's smothered in a blanket of smooth chocolate.A light candy shell is applied on top, much like the hard shell of an M&M. The surface produces a satiny white hue that makes these little oval shaped candies so enticing! Our single color sunflower seeds are perfect for special occasions. Use alone or combine with our other hue to match your wedding or party color scheme. Simply pour in a glass bowl or jar and you have a great table snack that enhances nearby decor.Our bulk chocolate covered sunflower seeds are sure to be a big hit with guests! Even if you aren't planning a big wedding or shower, these white sunflower seed candies are convenient and delicious when enjoyed as a quick snack at home or the office.

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