Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candy - Yellow 5lb

  • $51.99

Bright and sunny yellow chocolate sunflower seeds will add more brilliance to any setting or situation. Pour them into a glass jar or bowl to make a room look more inviting. Guests will love taking handfuls of these savory little snacks.Each morsel includes a thin candy shell that conceals a layer of chocolate with a whole sunflower seed center. Each bite features all three for a taste that's absolutely irresistible! Our yellow sunflower seed candies are a great choice for any occasion or holiday.Use them to fill birthday treat bags, wedding favors or shower favors. You can also use them to add more color to cake decorations. Create festive Christmas-style lights on gingerbread houses or use them to enhance your favorite cake pops.You can also combine our yellow version with any of our other bulk chocolate covered sunflower seeds to create a custom mix for special occasions.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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