Three Musketeers Bars - 36ct

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Three Musketeers candy bars are a tasty snack that will calm even the pushiest sweet tooth! This classic confection offers a combination of smooth chocolate and chewy filling. Each starts with a bar of whipped confection that gives the candy its fluffy appeal.The outside is smothered in a thin layer of rich milk chocolate for a taste that is unlike any other! The very first Three Musketeers candy bar was sold in 1932 by the M&M/Mars brand. It originally included three separate pieces in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors – which inspired the name.It was originally marketed as one of the biggest candy bars available at the time and cost a mere 5 cents. The current version contains only one flavor and costs a bit more than 5 cents per bar, but still presents the same quality and unique texture that everyone loves! Order bulk Three Musketeers candy bars today for events, parties or at-home snacking.

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