Yogurt Chips 2000ct - 25lb Bulk

Yogurt Chips 2000ct - 25lb Bulk
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We've done the math. And 2,000 chips per pound in this 25 pound bulk order equals 50,000 little morsels you can look forward to enjoying in countless ways! You can break out your own calculator, or trust us when we say that this is a ton of deliciousness you can enjoy for weeks to come.If you love to bake, these Yogurt Chips are an amazing choice for you to keep in your pantry. Add them to virtually any brownie, cookie, or cake recipe for a delicious and creamy alternative to traditional chocolate chips. You can also enjoy them on their own, on top of ice cream sundaes, as decoration on a gingerbread house, or set out in a bowl around Christmas time to look like little snow flakes. These white, creamy Yogurt Chips are up for the challenge of any baking and snacking event you throw their way. Get your 25 bulk bag today and start enjoying the deliciousness.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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