7 Ways to Show Your Feelings with Candy

  What better way to show someone how you feel than with a sweet surprise? There are infinite ways you can use candy creatively and uniquely to tell someone how you feel about them. Here are 7 ways to use sugary decadence to show your feelings with candy and let the people in your life know just how much they mean to you.   1. Romance Image via Flickr by Infomastern Chocolates are the most popular gift between couples for many reasons. The majority of both men and women say that they would prefer a box of chocolates on Valentine's...

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Pairing Wine And Chocolate For Valentine's Day

It does not matter if it is Valentine's Day or not, there are some combinations that just work. Like jelly is to peanut butter and tomato is to basil, chocolate is to wine. Successfully paired, chocolate and wine play sweet off of savory for an explosion of new flavor you would not experience otherwise. Yes, chocolate tastes very chocolaty. That is the nature of the beast. But, it also has different sweet, bitter, acidic and fruity elements. You will especially notice this if you take your time and slowly savor each bite. Cacao is chocolate's main ingredient. It is a...

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Vintage Candies

Candy has become such a large part of our culture as merely a sweet treat that it's hard to believe that it once was actually intended for health benefits. The first candy belonged to the ancient world and was sweetened with honey as sugar was not as easily or widely available, and generally intended for soothing a sore throat or aiding the digestive system (hence the peppermint candies). These combinations of honey and spices were served by the wealthy at parties or banquets to their guests. Candy first enjoyed popularity in America in the early eighteenth century, by way of...

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We have a Winner!

It's time to announce the winners for the Holiday Jelly Bean Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated. We had hundreds of entries, and one lucky winner hit the magic number exactly: The actual number of jelly beans in the jar is 1124. The Grand Prize for picking the correct number of jelly beans is a $150 Visa Gift Card. Incase you were curious - there are strategies for calculating this sort of thing (if you're interested, read more about it here.) Mike B from Haslet, TX guessed 1124 jelly beans exactly. We asked our Grand Prize Winner 'How did...

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How Many Jelly Beans are in this Jar??? Holiday Candy Contest Win Cash!

This jar is filled to the brim in our offices with festive red and green jelly beans. How many Jelly Beans are in this jar? Submit your best guess for a chance to win $150 Visa Gift Card. 1st prize is $150 and will be awarded for the correct answer, or closest to it - over or under. Two runner- up winners will be selected in a random drawing and each will receive $25 store credit for   Hint: The diameter at the top of the jar is 5 inches and 4 inches at the bottom. The height of...

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