Learn the Tasty History of Chocolate This National Milk Chocolate Day!

Take a delicious walk down memory lane with us as we review the history of milk chocolate! From thousands of years ago to now, people's love of this decadent treat hasn't diminished. 1900 BC: Chocolate is Consumed by Humans for Pleasure Cacao trees have been around since the dawn of time-with signs of cultivation as early as 3,000 years ago. However, the history of chocolate consumption for pleasure began with the Aztecs in 1900 BC. This group of Mesoamericans fermented cocoa beans to create their own kind of chocolate beer, something they believed was a present from their God of...

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Celebrate National Fudge Day with 7 of the Best Fudge Candy Recipes

We never let a candy holiday pass without celebrating in style. National Fudge Day is no exception! We're gearing up for a decadent holiday by bringing you seven incredible fudge recipes to make at home. If you love chocolate fudge, maple fudge, and more, you'll find a yummy DIY tutorial for your favorite fudge candy here. Love vintage candy? There's nothing more vintage than a fresh batch of amazing fudge. Cake Batter Fudge Recipe Cake and fudge combined? You heard it right. This cake batter fudge recipe has that sweet, buttery flavor people love in cake batter ice cream and...

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Celebrate National Truffle Day with 10 Sweet and Savory Recipes

Anyone out there a fan of truffles? We sure are at! That's why for National Truffle Day, we're spotlighting mouthwatering recipes for both chocolate and mushroom truffles-so you can enjoy something sweet and something lavish on this delicious day. Enjoy the recipes ahead! Chocolate Truffles Mmmm. Chocolate truffles: a candy stop staple and all-time favorite among candy lovers. If you love sweets, get some incredible chocolate truffle recipes below for National Truffle Day. Red Velvet Truffles Red velvet and truffles are a sinfully incredible combination. And while they may seem fancy, you can make them at home! This YouTuber...

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Looking for Easter Dessert Recipes? Try These 8 Adorable Easter Cupcakes!

The Easter Bunny is getting ready to stuff Easter eggs with goodies, which means you should be getting ready too! If you're planning on baking something sweet for Easter, try some of the cutest Easter cupcake recipes ever to make this special day even better. Easter Egg Cupcakes Adults and kids will appreciate these beautiful Easter egg cupcakes. These pretty vanilla cupcakes are all about the accoutrement. To give the cupcakes this bird's nest look, you'll need to follow the lead of this expert baker below.Need supplies to get these Easter cupcakes ready? Gather chocolate eggs or Jordan almonds, pretty...

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Love Chocolate? Try These 7 Recipes for Every Day of American Chocolate Week!

Guys, we have some breaking news for chocolate lovers: American Chocolate Week is nigh! That means it's more socially acceptable to go full-out Cookie Monster on some chocolate bars, dip everything in the sumptuous substance, and overindulge. To help you do just that, take a look at some of the mouthwatering recipes we've rustled up for this momentous occasion. Happy chocolate eating!   Chocolate Croissants Croissants aren't the easiest baked good to make, since typically, they take hours of resting, folding, and laboring over. However, these pre-bought pastry croissants take nearly no time at all! Plus, you can customize them...

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